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Welcome to Food Body Intelligence

Turn your health around with the right nutrition and natural medicine for your health needs.

How can I help you to better health

Improving your health doesn't need to be daunting. I provide tailored dietary plans for your specific health needs and lifestyle. Whether for a health condition, weight loss or to optimise your overall wellness and vitality.  Nutrition, natural supplements and a holistic health approach are powerful  ways to improve your health.  

Your body is a goldmine of healing intelligence. Repair and healing are what it can do so well when given the right nutrition and support.  As a holistic nutritionist I provide science backed nutritional guidance for your specific health needs.  Learn which foods, nutrients and dietary style work for you to gain back good health, both physically and mentally.  

The right diet and nutrition for you can benefit many conditions such as:

Skin health

Gut health, digestive and bowel issues

Weight management

Metabolic conditions such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, healthy cholesterol

Liver and kidney health

Immune health

Chronic pain such as osteoarthritis, headaches

Mental wellness, anxiety, stress

Fatigue, sleep issues, lack of vitality.  

And more.

Hi, I'm Amanda

I am a holistic nutritionist, here to provide you with sound, science backed dietary and health advice.  Choosing a natural and holistic approach to better health is empowering and provides solutions for now and the long-term. I provide you with a clear dietary and treatment plan so you can confidently know you are taking steps in the right direction to better health.  As a qualified Clinical Nutritionist, I am an accredited natural medicine provider and member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).



As a holistic nutritionist, I assess all factors impacting your health, treating whole body health and seeking to understand and rectify the underlying causes of ill-health. 

I use nutritional medicines along with specific dietary guidance.


Your nutrition consultation includes:

  • health assessment

  • analysis of your current dietary pattern 

  • dietary plan for your specific needs

  • (where required) practitioner-grade nutrition supplements 

  • (where required) pathology testing 

I am a registered Clinical Nutritionist accredited with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

Private health fund rebates are available with some health funds, please check with your health fund provider. 

Consultations are online via zoom, or in clinic at Five Dock, NSW.

Online consultations via zoom are convenient and straight forward. A written dietary and treatment plan is emailed to you to make your journey easy and stress free.

To book an appointment or for further information, please go to my Services page.

Green Goodness


I had a consultation with Amanda for advice to improve my health and also on how to improve my recent blood test results. Since my consultation, I have been following her suggested diet plan along with a range of supplements. I have never felt better, for the first time in my life I have not felt hungry even whilst reducing my intake of food. In fact I feel so well nourished I am not even attracted to eat any of the foods which I normally would. I feel energized, alive and alert every day. I feel Amanda hit the target of what my body needs, enabling me to now have both a healthy and happy way of eating.

Phillippa A.

I was having a few issues with my health after needing extended antibiotics for ongoing bladder infections. Amanda gave me very fast-acting probiotics which really made a difference and got it back on track quickly.  But the big breakthrough for me was when she explained how good gut care really involved eating a specific group of foods on a regular basis to support good gut flora.  It has made a big difference and my gut definitely feels better.  I really like the natural road Amanda takes.  She’s there before the illness…  With many thanks, Gayle A, Feng Shui Consultant.

I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease. Scary and life-changing news. I realised I had some choices here and decided to take control of healing my body. I read a lot about diet- however, I needed some expert advice. I asked Amanda at Food Body Intelligence for guidance and was relieved to learn how much I could do to help my healing process. Amanda listened carefully to my story and that alone was healing! We have made adjustments to my diet and added some supplements to boost things along. I am so pleased with the results only two months in and I can feel improvements in my symptoms. There is healing going on! I can happily recommend Amanda. 

Margaret, Manager

I have had a number of health issues building up along with weight gain. I have been fortunate to be advised by Amanda on improvements to make to my diet and lifestyle. After undertaking a full blood test. I was given a diet to balance my blood sugar a more balanced diet overall. Amanda customised with my dietary needs thoroughly. I now have significant improvements in my energy levels and am feeling a lot better with a better diet and exercise plan. Thank you Amanda. Vinu C.


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